JSS High School, Veerarajapura,Malavalli taluk,Mandya District

It is a village of great history,during the rule of Ganga's a war was held between Ganga's and Pallava's.Ganga's were succeeded in the war and return to their palace through this way.While they were stayed in this village.So the village got the name that is "Veerarajapura".

It is a small village.The people belonging to this village is agriculturist families,most of the people are uneducated due to lack of Schools.In eighteenth decades there were no schools probably most of girls were not to go to school.One day holiness Swamiji Jagadguru Dr.Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Swamiji was attending a pooja pogramme in this village.Swamiji observed the lack of school and blessed to start a school in this village.So our school was founded by the great blessing of holiness Swamiji.Since than the School was being given good education to rural students,mostly for the girls .Now it has good name and good fortune in the taluk.