JSS Composite PU College(High School Section), Doddakadanur, Holenarsipur Taluk, Hassan Dist

As a backward village,Doddakadanur had a cluster of villages around which were also backward.Poverty and illiteracy were common.Schooling was a dream specially to the girls.It was the situation of 1970's.

Some elders of Doddakadanur and other villages realised the necessity of education to the boys and girls of their villages.They approached the Government to start a school but in vain.Finally,they approached his Holiness Jagadguru Dr.Shivaratri Rajendra Swamiji.They requested to start a High School in Doddakadanur.His Holiness agreed and the school was opened on 17/09/1975.

This is a boon to the rural poor.The School was started in a tile house of 3 rooms with 23 students.Now the school is running in a beautiful spacious building.The strength is increased to 300 and above.The literacy rate is increased to 60% now which was 5% in the seventies.