JSS Composiote Pre - University College, Hullahalli, Nanjangud Taluk, Mysore District.

Our earstwhile Holiness Dr.Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Swamiji with strong determination to spread Education in the rural parts of the South Karnataka. He Established Pre-Primary , Primary, Higher-Primary, High School (English medium and kannada). Sanskrit Pathashala and P.U.College for both Girls and Boys in the village in 1960 then their was no proper Transport facilities to reach the village.

During 1982-83 the Education local public of this Hobali requested His Holiness Dr, Sri Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Swamiji ti established P.U.College (Arts & Commerce) to help the rural Children. Thus his Holiness Blessed a P.U.College which started functioning from 05.07.1982 with 20 students. Since 1982 till today thousands of rural children Irrespective of caste, colou, religion and creed got enrolled and benifited.

To-day i.e., forf 2008-09 accademic year there are 482 students admitted.