Institute of Speech & Hearing

J.S.S Institute of Speech and Hearing has been one of the new family members of JSS Mahavidyapeeta. At present it is having B.Sc & M.Sc. Speech and Hearing degree courses, affiliated to the University of Mysore and also recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India, Govt. of India. With a large percentage of people affected with speech, language and hearing disabilities, the need for professionals to attend to this problem has been increasing. This is a professional course to train Speech and Hearing specialists i.e., Speech Pathologists and Audiologists.

J.S.S Institute of Speech and Hearing was established in Mysore, with the objective of training clinical facility, research and public education the institute as well equipped labs, library with inter net facilities, journals and latest books.the clinic in the hospital is providing good exposures to varieties and good number of cases to the students.