• Building - School has its own beautiful building comprising 18 spacious rooms.
  • Library - The School Library is quite big. It has about 7400 books concern to Literature, Science, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, General knowledge etc., It also subscribes to various magazine and periodicals to facilitate good knowledge to the students. The students can take the benefit of it during School hours.
  • Laboratory  - The School has well equiped Laboratory with modern equipments. Students can view Telescope in the lab. Separate computer lab is established comprising 10 computers.
  • Computer - Nil
  • Water  - School has it's own bore-well. Pure drinking water is provided to the students and staff.
  • Toilet   - Toilet facility is provided swparately for Boys and Girls and for the staff
  • Playground  -Nil
  • Hostel  - Kayathanahalli Sahukar Siddalingaiah Hostel is located very near to the school. The needy students can take the benifit of it. The most of our students are residing in this hostel.