• Building - School has its own beautiful building comprising 6 spacious rooms,and an office room.
  • Toilets    - Toilets facility is provided separately for Boys,Girls and for the staff.
  • Library   - The School library is quite big.It has about 7400 books concern to stories,literatures,science,encyclopedia,dictionary,General Knowledge etc.,It also subscribes to various magazine and periodicals to facilitate good knowledge tothe students.The students can take the benefit of it during school hours.
  • Laboratory  -  The school has well equipped Laboratory with modern equipments.Students can view telescope in the lab.
  • Water - School has its own bore well.Pure drinking water is provided to the students and staff.
  • Hostel -  Kyathanhalli Sahukar Siddalingaiah Hostel is located very near to the school.The needy students are residing in this hostel.