The spacious campus provides facilities for large classrooms, Halls for activities, laboratory and computer rooms.  Outdoor activities such as athletics, badminton, cricket, football, volleyball etc are also conducted in the campus. The school also has  a spacious indoor hall. 

  • Laboratory - Science is an embodiment of organized Knowledge.  A well-equipped science laboratory, lays the pathway in imparting this”Organised Knolwedge” among students.  The school aims at inculcating the Scientific values in students, through Experimental work. “Science is Universal in Character”- forms the Nucleus of teaching science in our school, which tends to create a broader outlook in the mind of the learner.
  • Mathematics Laboratory   - “Learning By doing” is the most effective and permanent form of learning, which is adopted at this approach. This aims at making the subject more dynamic, vibrant, interesting and enjoyable.  It enables the students to interact meaningfully and to comprehend the abstract concepts with the aid of activities.
  • Computer Center - Recognizing the on-coming impact of Information Revolution, the School started the computer laboratory, with latest application software packages.  The School prepares the students to compete in this Computer era, by providing good collection of useful software for user applications.
  • Library - The Library Resources include a good collection of prescribed books, recommended books, reference works like- World books, encyclopedias, Britannica, Encarta-updated version Hand books, Educational CD’s, Journals, Project reports.Audiocassette in the library supports the listening skill among the taught.   Library also hosts charts, globe and maps, which form the resource for the teachers.
  • AUDIO-VISUAL ROOM  - To provide the quality education and to enhance permanent learning, several abstract concepts are taught through audio-visual aids that include, Over Head Projector and LCD Projector.
  • LANGUAGE LAB - To develop listening, thinking and creativity among the taught, Language Lab is started with 35 sets of Linguaphones supported with audio cassettes and study materials.