•  Following programmes will be organized by Student Council Members from the students lot right from Std . I to Std. X.
    • Student Council
    • Investiture Ceremony
    • Teachers’ day
    • Talents Day
    • Cultural Activities
    • Sports Day
    • Open Day
    • Awards Day
    • School Day
    • Graduation Day
  •  From school management, the  following activities will be organized:
    • Medical Check up camp twice in the academic year
    • Parent Teachers Interaction Sessions – After every test and term examinations
    • Pastoral Pulse Committee activities – Regarding Guidance and Counseling by renown Psychologists, Pediatricians, Dieticians, etc.,
    • Celebrations of National Festivals vix- Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanthi day, Vivenkananda day, Environmental day, World Population day, UNO day etc.,
    • Students will be sponsored to represent our school in Inter-school, State Level and National Level Competitions of sports, inter school cultural activities competitions and the camps
    • Academic Excursions will be organized once in a year
  • During Every Academic Year the following activities are offered to the students during the zero hour period (Except Saturdays’)

Class III , IV and V Class VI to VIII Class IX and X
Cookery Meal Planning and preparation Calligraphy
Creative Writing Fabric Painting Gift Wrapping
Dance/Vocal Music Needle Work Additional and creative writing
Cartooning Craft Work Commercial Art
Yoga Gift Wrapping (Best out of waste) Interior Decoration
Skating Creative Writing Health and beauty and fitness
Quiz Aero Modeling  Eco Discovery
 Origami Skating Computer graphics
Public Speaking Health and fitness Dance (Western/Indian)
Health and Fitness Eco and discovery Public Speaking
Computer Computer Graphics Art work (Glass, Nib painting etc.,)
Instrumental Music Dramatics Quiz and G.K.
Print Making Dance Project work
Flower Making Quiz and G.K.  Dramatics
Library Science Japanese Class Japanese class
Japanese Class


During Every Academic years following sports activities will be offered: 

Sl. No. Nature of Events Games/Activities Classes
1. Indoor Activities Carom, Chess, scrabbles, Shuttle Badminton, Yoga, Tennicoit etc.

 a.Junior Category

 b.Senior Category

2 . Outdoor Activities All types of field events like foot ball, cricket, Hockey, tennis, Basket Ball, Throw ball, kho-kho and track events etc.,    

 a.SubJunior Category

b.Junior Category

 c.Senior Category

3 .   Holiday Training Campus From professionals, skill oriented training will be given (Optional) during every summer holidays for the period of 3 weeks duration   
 Std .V to Std. X students only