• The N.S.S unit of the college creates an opportunity for the students to develop voluntarism to serve the society.
  • Through weekly and fortnightly camps the students are made to work in the community and to involve in health education.
  • Tree-planting and other activities, creates awareness about conservation of medicinal plants, and protecting the environment
  • 10days long term camps help the students to live in the community and learn the facts of the society thus preparing them to develop the value added human relationships.
  • Institution organizes week long enthralling lecture series under the name Dhanvantari sapthaha to Update and enhance the knowledge of various allied disciplines.
  • To familiarize the students with the identification of medicinal plants, the Dravyaguna dept. organizes field visits to various herb gardens, forest areas.
  • Visiting the manufacturing units is organized by Rasashastra Bhaishajya kalpana department.
  • Svastha vritta department organizes visits to various centers that can be responsible for protecting the health of the community like sewage board, water treatment plant, food processing units etc..