• Languages Offered - English, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit.
  • Core Subjects - Mathematics, Science, Social science.
  • Work Experience/ SUPW  - Computer Education, Drawing, Painting & craft work.
  • Health & Physical Education  - Games- recreational & competitive Yoga-Physical fitness, track & field events, aerobics.
  • Fine Arts  - Music, Dance.  


 The School is affiliated to CBSE,New Delhi, &  Runs classes  from L.K.G. to Grade 10.
The school adopts the syllabus framed by the NCERT.

  • Academic Year - From 1st of June to 30th of March in the

    following year consisting of 3 equal terms.  


  • We believe that continuous learning is essential for individual fulfillment and for the advancement of society.
  • We believe that every individual has intrinsic worth
  • We believe that embracing diversity enriches and empowers our community
  • We believe that honesty, integrity and trust are corner stones for continuing excellence
  • We believe that people reach the highest potential when challenged to.
  • We believe it is possible that openness to change is essential to progress and future viability.